GMO Research Announces Release of Industry-First Integrated Online Research Panel Search System

Tokyo – April 14, 2009 – GMO Internet Group company, GMO Research today launches an integrated online research panel search system delivered as a SaaS service for research and consulting companies.

The new system brings together GMO Research operated research community, infoQ and panels of registered members at sites operated by our partners. It is the first system of its kind in the industry to integrate multiple panels. Clients are able to calculate the number of panel members who meet survey requirements and look at members’ response histories to accurately estimate the rate of response to surveys.

SaaS : Software as a Service

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About the Industry First Online Research Integrated Panel Search System

The GMO Research research community, infoQ is highly regarded among research and consulting companies due to the level of accuracy in calculating the number of members who will respond to a survey at a given time, based on the number of panel members to which the survey can be distributed and response rates that take into account response history. As provider of infoQ we often hear from clients who say that they would be able to develop more accurate planning reports if they could estimate the number of research samples they would obtain during planning stages before the survey is carried out. Clients are not only interested in “number of responses”, demand is also increasing for balanced panels without bias to a particular attribute such as age, place of residence, occupation etc.

GMO Research always aims to provide maximum support to research companies, and the company developed the integrated online research panel search system in response to industry needs. The new infoQ Japan Network includes infoQ and several partner companies. It enables searches for panelists to which surveys can be distributed, and members who are likely to respond to surveys. These functions were previously only possible with infoQ.

Not only are possible search parameters greatly enhanced, by integrating with panels of partner companies, each with their own characteristics, we offer a balanced panel and make it possible to estimate the number of panelists that will return surveys.

1. Accurately estimate the number of panelists to which surveys can be distributed and the number of responses likely to be received

As well as the infoQ research community, infoQ Japan Network includes panel data (registration information, response history etc.) owned by partner companies with a range of characteristics. The network offers supplementary special attribute panels and greatly enhanced search parameters. These infoQ Japan Network search capabilities can reduce bias, enable more accurate calculation of the number of panelists to which surveys can be distributed, and make possible an accurate estimation of how many panel members will return responses based on response histories.

2. Unique cleaning system ensures almost no duplicate panelists

Even when panel members are registered as members of multiple research sites, the unique infoQ Japan Network cleaning system detects almost 100% of duplicates.

3. Search for Panelists by Attribute

In addition to searching for basic panelist attributes “gender”, “age” and “place of residence”, clients can perform more detailed searches including “income”, “parenthood” and “car-ownership”. The number of panel members to which surveys can be distributed can be calculated, and the number of panelists who will return responses can be estimated.

infoQ Japan Network

infoQ Japan Network is an online Japan research panel. In addition to the 460 000-member GMO Research proprietary panel, infoQ the network has brought together panelists from our partners, and membership data from point program and other sites. The total number of panel members is 2.53 million (3/2009). In line with GMO Research quality management standards, we ensure no panelist duplicates and a high quality system. We offer balanced research panels to research companies, consultants, and other businesses that conduct market research activities.

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