Frequent Asked Questions

Are all your panels proprietary?

GMO Research operates an end to end online sampling platform which is a combination of proprietary and partner, “Cloud Panels.” Cloud panels are operated on the same basis of as our proprietary panels. There are three main advantages to using our platform for your entire sampling work.

Pricing: There is no project management necessary from partners throughout the entire process of the project and is reflected in the price.
Quality Management: Cloud panels operate on the same quality management standards as proprietary panels. Original profiling studies are conducted on all Cloud panels for quality assurance. Project operations which are conducted outside Japan, operate and adhere to standards created by headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.
One Stop, One Panel: For all Cloud panels, we conduct feasibility, targeting, invitations, and delivery. All operations are handled by GMO Research as a proprietary panel.

Are you cheaper than the competition?

All cloud panels are systematically connected to our platform which eliminates multiple project management fees and administrative costs. This is reflected in our pricing.

Do you cover US hours? Weekends? Late nights?

GMO Research has a 24 hour sales and operations. Weekend coverage is also available for projects that need extra assistance.

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