Executive Profiles

*denotes current position

Shinichi Hosokawa President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mar. 1996 A diplomat at the Japan Embassy in Ethiopia
Jun. 1998 Worked in product development and IT-related business development at Kenwood Corporation in Tokyo, Japan, and in San Jose, CA.
May 2000 Thunderbird University, The School of Global Management (MBA) in the United States
Oct. 2001 KPMG Consulting (now Bearing Point) to manage business development and global CRM strategy projects.
Jan. 2005 Joined GMO Media and Solutions,Inc.
Mar. 2006 Appointed as CEO of GMO Media and Solutions,Inc.
Sep. 2006 GMO Research, Inc. (former GMO Research Institute Inc.) President and CEO *
Jan. 2008 General Manager of the Internal Audit Office of GMO Research *
Dec. 2012 GMO RESEARCH PTE. LTD. Director *
Jun. 2013 President of GMO E-Lab Marketing Research (Shanghai) CO., LTD. *
Nov. 2013 GMO RESEARCH PRIVATE LIMITED Managing Director *
May 2015 Appointed Director of Japan Marketing Research Association (JMRA)*
Nov. 2015 Appointed ESOMAR Representative for Japan *

Takashi Ito Chief China officer (CCO)

Nov. 2005 Joined GMO Research Institute Inc.(currently GMO Research, Inc.)
Mar. 2011 Appointed Director of research operations
Jun. 2013 Appointed Director of GMO E-Lab Marketing Research (Shanghai) CO., LTD. *
Jul. 2015 Appointed Director of Overseas and Panel Business Division
Sep. 2015 Appointed Ignite Vision Holdings Limited Director *
Feb. 2016 Appointed General Manager of GMO E-Lab Marketing Research (Shanghai) CO., LTD. *

Tetsuya Hongo Chief Operation Officer (COO)

Apr. 1995 Joined NEC Corporation
Aug. 2001 Joined PricewaterhouseCoopers Japan (former Arthur Andersen Japan)
Aug. 2013 Joined GMO Research, Inc. as Manager of Service Produce Division
Sep. 2015 Appointed General Manager of Research Service Division
Mar. 2016 Appointed Board of Director *

Kenichiro Ando Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Aug. 2006 Joined GMO Research Inc.
Mar. 2011 Appointed Manager of Systems Division
Mar. 2016 Appointed Board of Director *

Yusuke Sawada Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Mar. 2008 Joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (currently Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC)
Dec. 2011 Certified Public Accountant registration
Mar. 2012 Joind Allied Architects, Inc.
Jan. 2016 Joined GMO Research, Inc. as Management Director
Mar. 2016 Appointed Board of Director *
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