Global Research

「I am not sure how to expand business overseas…」
「Is this same study also possible abroad?」
「Are we able to perform studies abroad while minimizing both cost and time?」
「We do not receive enough information from local agencies.」

Do you have the same questions or doubts as the above? For Global Research at GMO Research, we provide the same unsurpassed quality in all research methods while you are in Japan.

Within our company, we have many multilingual and multicultural staff with rich experience in the global industry and are able to consistently add value to projects and facilitate the business process and for your global research needs. Our specialized staff works directly with local partners in the industry in order to provide fast, reliable, and efficient service to fit any of your research needs.

Global Online Research

From research design to implementation, all the way to report development, we provide full service support. Going forward, it will become even more important and advantageous to utilize Global Online Research to collect insight from the local customer and gain local market information to understand the development of new products and designs.

Our Global Online Research capabilities consist of the following:

  1. We perform studies in 51 different countries.
  2. We customize studies based on the local needs and specializations.
  3. We manage a one-stop research operations site for your study in multiple countries.
  4. Research Panel

    Utilizes GMO Research’s 「infoQ Global Network」

    Available countries for study


    China, India, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines


    U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Holland, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Russia, Czech, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Turkey

    North America

    America, Canada, Mexico

    South America

    Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Bolivia, Puerto Rico

    Middle East

    Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE)


    South Africa, Egypt, Morocco


    Australia, New Zealand

    Global Offline Research

    Global Offline Research offers full service through established relationships with local partners in various countries to provide the consistent, high quality research for your needs. No matter what the method, whether it is focus group interviews, office visits, observation interviews, or facility interviews, we are able to go one step further and collect the information and opinions of the consumer voices not expressed from online research.

    GMO Research coordinates and recommends appropriate research methodologies to best suit and customize the local partner’s needs or project. Please contact us for any inquiries about performing overseas studies.

    We have published a following book under supervision of GMO Research Inc., and translated by GMO Japan Market Intelligence K.K.

    The Handbook on online and Social Techniques for Marketing Researches-Tools and Techniques for Market Researchers- Written by : Ray Poynter
    Supervised by : GMO Research Inc.
    Tranalated by : GMO Japan Market Intelligence K.K.
    Price : JPY 6,300(incld. Tax)

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