Qualitative Research

In qualitative research, we are able to gain a much deeper understanding into the consumer mind by gathering information about cultural and social context. At GMO Research, we collect high quality consumer information from research in a variety of industries and fields powered by our high quality resources and research consultants.
With GMO Research’s abundant experience, we propose the most suitable and appropriate method while fulfilling client requests for any research study. Currently, GMO Research conducts conventional studies and is able to provide even more information and research than previously provided.

Research methods GMO Research provides

Traditional Methods

  • Round table/FGI
  • Individual Interview/IDI
  • Workshop

Researching daily life methods

  • Ethnography Study
  • Assisted shopping interviews
  • Blog/Diary studies

Features of GMO Research service

Study Preparation

GMO Research focuses on the below points, and ensure quality management to provide high quality respondents. We have received high quality feedback from both first time customers and even study participants.

  • We utilize the highest quality and experienced recruiters and distribute work based on industry specialty
  • We do not just simply recruit, but keep the scope of the study in mind, and only select the high quality respondents who understand the study.
  • Recruitment criteria is an obvious priority, however, other details are confirmed in conversations with the respondent in order to ensure the best fit as a respondent for the study.
  • The recruiter carries out constant communication with respondents in order to avoid absence for a study. (The recruiter is able to replace any confirmed absent respondents up until the day before the study)
  • The registered list of respondents is updated based on statements and the progression of the study.

At GMO Research, by recruiting from our online panel, we are able to cut recruiting costs.
We are able to provide a moderator who is most appropriate for the study.
We will provide a facility for interviewing based on the research methodology, client request, and fit for the study.
We are able to provide customized services based on client requests such as recruitment only or only providing facility services.



Depending on the research study and objectives, at GMO Research we are able to provide moderators from our list of over 30 highly qualified moderators who will provide the most relevant and quality moderation for your study. In addition, we will provide moderators for online moderation and studies who have extensive experience in the online and research industry.

Research Methodology:

At GMO Research, we not only provide existing traditional research methodologies, we also have extended our research branch and conduct new and original approaches.

Eye tracking behavior measurement

This study observes and tracks a respondent’s eye movement and focus area on target products (Package, advertisement, homepage, etc.). We can observe and quantify “how” and on “what” the respondent is focusing on as well as track real time eye-movement. The eye tracking results, in combination with an interview, can provide real information on eye movement and compare information collected during the eye tracking test.
This is breakthrough technology which we call Eye tracking

Remote study using internet and webcam

It is possible to observe an interview session live on an internet system. In addition, this enables respondents to participate in studies from the comfort of their own home, show products they use recently, and easily show the method of use.

Report Development

Our multilingual and multicultural consultants provide distinct service at GMO Research:

  • Without extra outsourcing costs, we can provide full English reports.
  • With consultants who have rich and vast experience abroad, we are able to provide a full top to bottom service to overseas clients while taking into consideration difference in culture, language, and study methods to provide more insight than other agencies.

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