Quantitative Research

At GMO Research, we conduct quantitative research covering a wide range of industries and products for which we offer various data gathering methods. With the low cost of online research in combination with our experienced consultants and researchers, we provide uncompromised quality and service at a competitive price.

We make our research studies possible in various regions and cities across the nation. With recruiting partners in each major location, we are able to find the most suitable local respondents for any study. When implementing studies, there are various factors which can affect the study such as location and product presence in certain locations, so please consult us with the specifications to ensure the best fit for your study.

Home/Office Visit Interview

We are able to provide high quality interviews with our experienced interview agents across any city or prefecture nationwide. In order to ensure data integrity, we also offer CAPI (Portable Computer Assisted Personal Interview) which ensures a streamlined interview process.

Because of our extensive recruiting network and resources at GMO Research, we are able to quickly and efficiently find what other agencies may find difficult to recruit respondents.
Using our proven vast and rich research experience, from creating an appropriate research plan all the way to research implementation, we provide complete and high quality data.

Home Usage Test(HUT)/Product Test

Using our extensive recruiting network and resources, at GMO Research, we are able to provide and work with recruitment for even respondents with strict criteria.

For Home Usage Test, a majority of the respondents are recruited through network recruitment, or what is known as snowball recruiting. Since this is recruitment for respondents who are acquaintances of our network, we can provide assurance of high quality respondents. Because we have a wide recruiting network, we are also able to avoid the same respondent participating in multiple research studies over a short period of time.
In order to avoid any issues, strict management on personal information security leaks and on test products is enforced on the entire process from when the product is delivered to the respondent all the way to the return of the product.
We propose and find the most appropriate method of after test product use questionnaires such as online studes, mail surveys, etc. based on the research content while catering to client requests.

Mystery Shopping

At GMO Research, no matter the scale of the research, catering to our client’s requests is our number one priority and we ensure that the research plan and staff are set accordingly. Our experienced and professional staff is able to arrange coverage in major cities across the nation in order to ensure smooth, detailed, and well organized research plans with high quality data and results.

Central Location Test/CLT

In order to receive high quality data in the shortest amount of time possible, we are able to provide CAPI, which is an effective system for gathering a large quantity of respondents through street intercept recruiting, accompanied by a CLT.
The entire interview process, from coding Open Ended questions to ensuring quality management, is overseen by our experienced and professional research managers and researchers. Research managers and researchers are assigned to the appropriate study that best fits their specialty in order to provide endless high quality data while maintaining strict sample control.
We will also work with the client to find the most appropriate research method and solution which best suits their research needs and set the environment and flexibility.

CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview)

With specialized interviewers who can provide standardized interviews via telephones and to cellular telephones, B2B Telephone studies are possible at GMO Research.

From nationwide studies down to industry specific, senior-level targeted studies, the CATI system telephone research method has a wide variety of research uses. (*For senior level research studies, it may be necessary to provide a list for calling)
With over 100 specialized telephone booths, run by over 50 highly effective operators with 5-10 years experience in the industry, we guarantee that in combination with the CATI system, our communication expert operators will gather high quality information. We are also able to work with the client and discuss what programming should be used for their specific research needs.

Other, Possible research methodologies

  • Mail Survey
  • Street intercept survey
  • Door Exit surveys

At GMO Research, please allow our experienced staff to recommend and help you investigate the most effective (cost and time) research study that best suits your needs.

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