Emotion Measurement Series 4 : Analysis on the degree of unconscious interest

Project Summary

EM4 is a methodology which measures changes in “eye movement” and “Facial reaction” and draws out emotional biometric responses which can measure beneath the conscious mind and indicate the degree of interest in a product. This is a combination of the analysis on the line of sight eye tracking information obtained from EM1, and the facial expression and pupil analysis provided by RSJ Company. In this study, in order to dig deeper and measure the consumer’s intuitive reactions, we can quantify consumer line of sight data, pupil reaction, and facial reactions.

This study flows in the following progression:

  1. Interest progression and changes
  2. Development and change in positive/negative reactions
  3. Development and change in feelings using the basic index as a base
*Facial reaction analysis technology, and pupil reaction tracking technology principles were adapted by the Natsume Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Pros of study method

It is possible to apply the EM4 method for the following objectives:

Application scope in Service

  1. Image evaluation
    A modified proposition can be extracted based on the evaluation of a comparison between multiple contents using one basic index.
    【Example】One can evaluate the interests that surface from a comparison of watching a TV commercial or a movie preview and animation on the web and grasp the varying degree of interest.
  2. Usability evaluation
    You are able to use the product in a variety of scenarios including for service, customer response, and terminal operation and extract a usability evaluation to correct issues that arise.
    【Example】You can measure the usability improvement of a site before and after renewal.
  3. Shopper research
    At a commercial or public establishment, while targeting the respondent’s behavior and interest, measurements on the effectiveness of an advertisement can be measured by the impressions and reactions of the respondent and appropriate changes for improvements on the display can be made.
    【Example】At large scale shopping malls, customer behavior can be observed and using the set information display, quantitative measurement on the interest level and degree of Point of Purchase (POP) can be evaluated.

Project Outline (Study flow)

  1. Confirm project objective (Project plan)
    Stimuli (Television advertisement, Video, etc.), Respondents (sample size), Progress of the study, Decision on Output
  2. Project Preparation
    quipment, Stimuli、Study environment, Respondent preparation and practice/run-through
  3. Study (Data collection)
    Equipment operation、overall project progress management
  4. Data processing and output preparation
    Data conversion
  5. Data analysis/Output
    Eye-tracking, facial expression data analysis, pupil reaction data analysis output
  6. Report Development
    Create full report
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