Eye Tracking (Emotion Measurement 1)


In order to gain insight into the unconscious behavior, in the past, observation and video observation research was conducted. With this, it is difficult to gain deeper insight into what the consumer is “thinking” and what goes in during their thought process.
GMO Research’s Eye Tracking makes it possible to overcome the difficulties from past methodologies. With our years of eye tracking experience, we are able to provide the best knowledge on how to analyze and conduct the research from every angle.

Why is it good?

Visually “see” the unconscious thought process of the consumer buying behavior

You can actually “see” the consumer’s buying thought process.
It is said that from the moment the consumer sees a product and decides to buy the product, it takes as little as 2 seconds.
With Eye Tracking, we are able to capture this moment and analyze this process. Since analysis is given in the form of visual data and easy to understand graphs, it can be easily incorporated into your presentations.

How Eye Tracking Can Help You

1. Retail Study

Shelf Test Research (Purpose : Category Management)

Shelf Tests makes it possible to investigate numerous product arrangements and see the results of each. With the possibility to see who your competitors are, you will be able to optimize your product’s display for maximum selling potential.

Packaging Research (Purpose : Product Development)

How a product is seen, sparks inertest, and perceived are important elements to take advantage of when developing products.
It is also possible to combine with Shelf Tests in order to find the optimal packaging and shelf placement display for your products.

Promotional Item Research (Purpose : Communication Effect Measurement)

With Promotional Item Research, it is possible to identify the effectiveness of sales. How consumers perceive tester locations and prices, it is possible to understand the consumer’s purchasing decision.

Retail Research (Purpose : Store Branding)

Retail Research makes use of Eye Tracking technology
which combines observation and TV observation research. By observing and understanding of the buying patterns of consumers, it makes it possible for you to understand how to attract consumers as well as find the optimal route for your product. It can also identify the reason for slow product sales. With Retail Research it is possible to understand all angels of consumer research to better improve your output.

2. Web Usability Test

By utilizing Eye Tracking, it is possible to understand the user’s actions which can not be seen by an ordinary interview. It possible to “see” the user’s unconscious mind when viewing web pages. Eye Tracking gives the ability to analyze eye movements, points of interest, and length of viewing.


  1. To clarify the target layer (Understand Acceptability/Hypothesis Construction)
  2. Identify reason for website renewal (Quality Improvement/Hypothesis Testing)
  3. User satisfaction and evaluation after website renewal (Quality Measurement)

2. Creative Test

Eye Tracking is possible for different types of advertisement media as well as promotional items. It is possible to reveal insight into improving: advertisement focus, retention, strength of message, and increasing sales.


  1. Understanding Perception/Hypothesis Construction
    It is possible to understand consumer response to advertising campaigns. It is also possible to fix and improve advertisements to meet your desired expectations.
  2. Effectiveness/Hypothesis Verification
    It is possible to understand to what degree consumers truly think about a particular advertising campaign.

Research Process

  1. Understand the Research Goal (Research Design)
    Stimulant、Target Audience (sample size) , fieldwork、determining output
  2. Fieldwork Preparation
    Equipment, Stimulant, Fieldwork Environment, Target Preparation
  3. Fieldwork (Data Collection)
    Equipment Handling, Fieldwork Management
  4. Data Processing and Preparation of Output
    Eye Tracking Video Editing, Eye Tracking Coding, Data Conversion, Preparing Regional Analysis
  5. Data Output
    Video, Heat Map, Regional Analysis, CSV Data Output
  6. Reporting
    Full Reporting
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