Emotion Measurement Series 2 & 3 : GSR & EEG

Emotion Measurement Series 2 : GSR(Galvanic Skin Response)
Emotion Measurement Series 3 : EEG(Electroencephalogram)


Incorporating EM2: GSR and EM3: EEG、the consumer’s waves of emotions can be measured. When the desired target consumer is applied a stimulus, EM2: GSR measures the amount of perspiration and reaction to the stimulus. On the other hand EM3: EEG measures the brain waves and ties it to emotions. For commercial advertisements, by incorporating EM1: Eye Tracking, it is possible to measure the eye movement along with unconscious emotions to see to what extent the advertisement had on the consumer.

Why is it good?

Ability to “see” the unconscious reaction of the consumer to the stimulus By viewing TV advertisements and measuring unconscious responses(perspiration & brain wave) it is possible to not only (1)see the overall reaction, but (2)see the reaction at specific timeframes of the creative (logo/product/model/etc).

With past TV Advertisement research, the target audience had to watch the advertisement and then be interviewed before and after the TV advertisement was watched. Conducting research in this way, it was possible to see how the consumer’s opinion has changed, what left a lasting impression, and how brand image takes into play. With EM2: GSR/EM3: EEG、it is possible to understand the consumer by measuring the combination of conscious and unconscious reaction to form a comprehensive idea of what the consumer is actually thinking.

Research Process

  1. Understand the Research Goal (Research Design)
    Stimulant (TV advertisement), Target Audience (sample size), fieldwork, determining output
  2. Fieldwork Preparation
    Equipment, Stimulant, Fieldwork Environment, Target Preparation
  3. Fieldwork (Data Collection)
    Equipment Handling, Fieldwork Management
  4. Data Processing and Preparation of Output
    Data Conversion
  5. Data Output
    Integrate with Eye Tracking output
  6. Reporting
    Full Reporting
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