MROC (Market Research Online Community)

MROC stands for “Market/Marketing Research Online Community”, a new marketing research methodology to collect more common opinions and impressions in the online community by gathering brand users and consumers who share specific interests.

MROC characteristics

The objective of MROC is marketing research and it is managed through the exchange of opinions between participants who share common interests on a particular theme.

Basically “Listening”

The conventional quantitative and qualitative methodologies are basically one way interviews with the research agent only “asking” the research respondent questions. However, in a one on one interview where only the researcher is asking questions, new insights beyond the scope of study are difficult to discover, thus a bias by an interviewer could be created.
On the other hand, recent widespread use of social media made it possible for two-way information interactions between the consumers, and has been able to promote sharing personal opinions between customers related to products, services, brands, and corporations.
MROC is now taking advantage of the characteristics of social media by placing an emphasis on “listening” to the information interaction between consumers. Thus, it is highly likely that new insights beyond the initial scope of research can be discovered and bias by the researcher is reduced.

Probing deeper on some opinions “Asking”

In contrast, it could be the case that in general social media, participants do not share opinions on topics that they are not interested in or may post only extremely positive or extremely negative comments.
As MROC has a research objective and the community is formed by participants who share the same understanding and interest in the theme and speak up freely. Because of this, respondents are able to openly discuss and exchange opinions. An advantage is the ability to probe on specific comments/opinions by “asking” the respondents directly if more detailed information beyond the comments are needed.

MROC at GMO Research

2 levels of recruiting

At GMO Research, we can select respondents from our own panel (Online Research Community recruiting by GMO Research) from over 2,670,000 panel respondents. In order to find the most appropriate respondents, we screen by asking multiple questions and ensuring they fit 2 molds in the requirements. First is their ability to participate in an MROC study, and the second is whether they fulfill the study criteria and contents. We take extra precaution to ensure that the selected respondents are knowledgeable about the studied themes and that they will voice their opinions in the online space openly and freely.
In the event that there is a lack of respondents from GMO Research’s panel for a particular study, it is possible through networking and snowball recruiting to select appropriate respondents.

Exclusive Platform

The MROC platform, used to manage the community, is a high security system which is also able to handle high network volume.
In the same way that respondents are able to post and share comments or ideas on social media, MROC goes above and beyond in facilitating uploads, contributions, and diaries on the platform. This platform is not only available for the PC, but also can be accessed from a smartphone. Both participants and those who are managing the platform are able to view the posted comments without being limited to the time and place, which allows the respondent to feel more relaxed and post opinions openly.

Wealth of data and management know how

Up until now, the community manager would observe and follow the comments in order to capture all information and not miss any important exchanges between the respondents. While overseeing the development of the community and asking questions which deepen the relationship between respondents, the community manager draws out direct reactions and opinions while effectively keeping an active and lively discussion and managing the community.
At the completion of the study, in addition to transcripts and edited data, reports are created and final meetings are implemented according to client requests.

MROC Study Flow

  1. Study objective, Respondent criteria, Flow progression decision
  2. Platform setting
  3. Recruit respondents
  4. MROC study
  5. Output deliverables
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