Research Overview

Scanamind, which overlooks the entire market, is a research methodology that uses words which are inputted and associated by the respondents themselves into a research platform to automatically visualize and create a structure of the consumers’ perceptions and daily unconscious/intangible thoughts. With this methodology, we can visually gain a holistic understanding of the consumers’ unconscious mind and perspective. Up until now, market research has been based on the researcher first designing a project outline and then creating a hypothesis using subjective methods. Therefore, gaining new knowledge beyond the studied hypothesis or objective, or gaining new knowledge has been very difficult for the researcher. Scanamind, which is serviced by Creative Brains, Inc., is used by GMO Research in addition to GMO’s extensive online panel for online studies.

The Pros of using this study

Understanding the general marketplace

Gaining information in the market is valuable and with this study, we can gain a macro view of the consumers’ perspective. Using the information as a hypothetical base, we are able to gain deeper information than the targeted theme and are able to conduct an effective study.

Understanding brand positioning

This creates a concept map using recollection of brand categories and images and the messages that come from brand image. Based on this, we can measure the degree of penetration of the message and compare the brand positioning in the marketplace to competitor brands and open new doors.

Understanding the design and general concept

Scanamind uses words to create a conceptual structure map but additionally, pictures can be used. In order to understand consumer perceptions and evaluation towards designs which are difficult to describe in words, pictures of products such as shapes and colors are prepared. Respondents provide words associated with the pictures, and then rate the relationship between the words and the pictures. As a result, consumer’s design perceptions can be visualized as a conceptual map.

Study flow

Scanamind is run the same as an internet based questionnaire and flows according to the below outline. The only thing to prepare is the topic you would like to study.
    1. Enter the words associated with the research theme or topic.Please enter 12-15 attributes or words you associate with the theme. scanamind_01
    1. Results of the relationship between the attributes, (Rating with the 4 levels of association)From the 12-15 entered attributes, the words will be randomly paired and you must decide on the relationship level between the two words in a short time period(within 2 seconds)based on intuitive reactions. The relationship levels are “Have a strong relationship,” “Have some relationship,” “Do not have much relationship,” and “Have no relationship.” scanamind_02
  1. Create a concept map structureThe program combines all the answers from the comparisons of the attributes and creates a conceptual map which analyzes the answers and relationship between the attributes. scanamind_03
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